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Steven's P5 classmates were scoring well, and he was having a lot of difficulty in catching up. His teacher told me how worried he was because Steven was easily distracted and wasn't interested in Science or Math. We hired Mr Lim and Ms Chan from Get Better Grades. The both of them have Master's degrees from NUS and NTU respectively. They are firm yet friendly. Steven's grades improved from C's to mainly B's and some A's. He scored AL2 and AL1 for Science and Math for his PSLE.
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Mrs Teo
Frankel Avenue
The results of my first Economics and General Paper tests were a shock to me. I had always done well in all my subjects in secondary school, but never expected that I could not score well in JC. Both my Econs and GP home tutors from Get Better Grades each have over 10 years of teaching experience. They are very familiar with the syllabus and exam formats, and have taught me many things not taught by my JC teachers. I scored A's for GP and Econs for my A Levels.
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Norizan Ismail
National Junior College
Since Primary 1, I really hated writing Chinese essays. Most of my English compo results are A's or B's, but my Chinese is really weak. Madam Fang has been teaching Chinese at a tuition centre for 5 years and Get Better Grades tutor agency recommended her to my mother. Madam Fang is very helpful in helping me expand my vocabulary. Over the past 2 years, I gradually went from 40+ marks to 60+ marks. I still don't really like Chinese, but I like my grades much more now.
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Tan Ee Min
Hillgrove Secondary School
Yang Jie did not want to take tuition because the previous tutors did not know how to teach properly. She even almost failed because one of them taught her the wrong info. We were worried about her Sec 3 results because we need her to prepare correctly for her O Levels. Teacher Barry from Get Better Grades is very patient and knowledgeable. He saw how stressed Yang Jie was, and taught her step-by-step how to understand and analyze Physics content. We are so glad she got an A for her O Levels
get better grades
Madam Ang
Holland Road
I have difficult understanding what my school teacher wants, and she gives me terrible marks for my homework. When I got a C for my English, my dad figured it is time for me to get tuition. Mr Sam from Get Better Grades is a former MOE teacher, and helps me score full marks in the sections I am strong at. He works on my weak areas so that I don't lose marks there. I am back to scoring A's for English this year (Sec 3).
get better grades
Sivagumar Subramaniam
St Gabriel’s Secondary School
Science, Math and English are OK. But my Geography is quite bad. I read the textbook but the test and exam questions don't seem to be asking things from the textbook. Mr Ong from Get Better Grades majored in Geography from NUS, and he explains very clearly. When I get the answers wrong, he tells me why I lost marks. I got a B3 for my O Levels, which was much better than the E's I used to score before Mr Ong started teaching me.
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Joanna Sng
Nan Hua High School

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